Panetti Tech Insights is the name of my one-man-show. I’m James Panetti, a tech industry veteran with over a decade and a half experience in technical support, consultation in writing. Over the course of my career I’ve had the pleasure of working for tech giants including Oracle, CA Technologies, and Broadcom.

I specialize in writing about all manner of technology topics, including highly formal corporate policy and standards documentation, customer-facing product documentation, wikis, and informal blogs.

My drive is a love for knowledge sharing and communication. Whether it’s writing to help a layman understand a tech solution, an executive understand the work of their IT team, or an IT professional learn a new tool, in the end, it’s all about helping people learn, grow, and connect with each other in new ways.

My Values


Good work takes time.

While I certainly don’t drag my feet, I’m cautious not to take on careless rush projects. Quality writing requires thorough research, thoughtful drafting, and careful revision in order to ensure a truly polished content piece.

Integrity first.

I’m thankful to have the luxury to choose my customers. I take the time to get acquainted with my clients and only engage those who provide products or services I think are worth checking out.

Fair pricing.

While my rates are clearly detailed and I ensure they are firmly agreed upon before signing a contract. No surprises.